Creating a real estate agent blog is a fantastic opportunity for any agent looking to become recognized as an industry expert in their local market.

Many agents have concerns about if they have the writing skills to succeed with a blog.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize-worthy writer to start a successful real estate blog.

To give yourself the best chances for a strong following, and to grow your brand as an industry leader, use the following 7 keys as your blogging prep guide:

1. Understand Your Blog Followers

It takes a lot of research of your target audience before you even begin creating content for your real estate agent blog.

By understanding your target audience, you’ll have a better idea of what content they will take the time to view and what they’ll share with others.

2. Get Blog Ideas From Your Target Audience

Create blog posts that answer the most pressing questions from people looking to pursue to a real estate transaction.

This can be a great way to gather ideas of what topics people would most like to read about, which will help your blog grow.

A great approach for gaining a better understanding of your target audience is to ask your current clients what their biggest questions and/or concerns are.

You can also ask your fans on social media. These individuals, based off of their engagement or lack thereof, will provide signals into what are strong blog topics and what are not.

3. Write With Passion

You’ll attract more blog followers if you can express your passion and expertise for real estate in a manner that’s appealing and enjoyable.

If writing content for your blog feels like a burden, remind yourself why you’re doing it and reflect on what you hope to achieve. Write with real feeling and share your opinion if the content calls for it.

Your audience will truly appreciate it.

4. Write Catchy Headlines

No matter how great your blog content is, no one will see it unless you provide it an amazing headline.

People make quick decisions to decide if they should click on blog posts, and your headline will play a major role in their ultimate decision.

The headline is also essential in making your blog posts more attractive for people to share your post on their Facebook or Twitter profiles. Aim to keep your headlines:

  • Simple
  • Powerful
  • Useful
  • Bold

5. Build Your Email List

Start building your email list the second you decide to start a real estate blog.

Having a well-developed email list allows you to promote your new blog content to your audience directly.

This assures you that your content will still a core component of your target audience without any obstacles while you continue to develop your website for SEO.

6. Invest In An SEO Tool

As mentioned above, SEO will be necessary to grow your blog organically.

To reach the top pages of a Google search, invest in an SEO and keyword tool to help you. Using one of these tools, you will become a more strategic blogger.

Not only can you get more content ideas, you can also track your keywords and blogging progress.

7. Give Away Free Stuff

Give away free content that adds value to people’s lives.

This can take the form of “how-to” guides followers can download or even merchandise such as t-shirts or the latest tech items.

Your fans will love this, becoming more loyal to your brand as well as sharing it with their friends and colleagues.

Bonus Tip: Give Blogging Time

Plan to invest in blogging for a long time before you see a significant return on your efforts.

If you’re seeking short-term marketing success or a quick path to brand recognition, blogging is the wrong way to obtain this.

If you can stick it out through the growing pains- and constantly learn, refine, and improve, you can achieve some remarkable marketing growth.

You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to start a successful real estate blog and develop a strong following. Blog readers want to know your industry expertise, personality, and enthusiasm.

Use the tips above to give yourself a strong start in blogging and enjoy how rewarding it can be.

Have anything to add? Do you have a real estate agent blog work in progress? Like, comment, and let us know!