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10 Simple Things Your Real Estate Blog Content Needs

Have you ever considered what makes your real estate blog content a place people would like to visit? There’s no doubt many bloggers want to blog but don’t have the necessary things to move forward an authoritative blog. Want know what makes these bloggers different from the rest? Apart from valuable content they provide, it’s the elements of their...

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How to Create Instagram Ads for Real Estate

Do you use Instagram to market your real estate business? If not, start taking your marketing to the next level by running Instagram ads! Instagram advertising gives real estate brands an effective way to increase visibility and connect with their customer and prospects. In this article, you’ll discover how to create these ads for your blossoming real estate...

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A Quick Beginner’s Guide: Real Estate Agent Facebook Page

Facebook is comprised of two distinct type of pages: personal pages and business pages. But many agents are not familiar with the differences between the two types or try to combine business activities on their personal pages anyways. Today, we’ll examine how these pages are different, and why you should put a premium on creating a real estate agent Facebook...

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5 Ways to Increase Your Real Estate Blog Website Traffic

Maintaining a successful real estate blog is not as simple as writing a post and publishing it. To increase your real estate website traffic, it requires planning and deliberate promotion. Consider the following steps as ways for your brand to increase its reach and appeal to others, enabling your marketing content to shine. User-Friendly Blog Design Select a blog design...

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How to Deal with Real Estate Blog Burnout

Blogging burnout is quite common, even for professional real estate bloggers. After months of active real estate blogging it can really drain you of your creativity and inspiration. Are you in a similar situation? Are you out of blogging ideas? There’s no need to fear the answer is yes. It’s perfectly normal to run out of blogging ideas every once...

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