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Facebook Live is A Game-Changer for Real Estate Agents

Facebook Live Video is currently the most dynamic way to showcase your listings. If you’re not using Facebook Live yet— you surely will be soon. Competitive agents are going Live on Facebook and finding that it helps them reel in more prospective buyers. The information here should help get you get started and inspired. First: Make sure your Facebook business page is ready to go with a professional look. Once you get your business page up to par, read below for some ideas for your very first Facebook Live videos. Here are 3 ideas for going Live on Facebook: Live Open...

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Here’s the Top 10 Labor Day Deals every Real Estate Agent needs to know about

Tomorrow kicks off Labor Day weekend which means stores are offering huge deals! It’s a great time for agents to take advantage of unbeatable offers so we’ve located the best online deals specifically for Real Estate Agents. These products are sure to make your job a little easier and your business a lot more competitive.  Here are the Top 10 LABOR DAY Deals for Agents:   . DSLR Camera $300 off at BestBuy Take higher quality photos of your listings with a flexible zoom lens and image stabilization for sharper pictures. . IDX Home Search For Facebook 30% off at HomeASAP Capture more leads...

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How to Add the ‘Reviews’ Tab to Your Facebook Business Page

You already know that Facebook Reviews are imperative if you want to grow your business. Facebook Reviews allow buyers and sellers find you online. (More on that here). Ready to add the ‘Reviews’ tab to your page? Here’s how: Step 1.  Edit your “About” section to include “local service” and “real estate agent” • Click About>General>Categories>Edit • Type in “Local Service” and “Real Estate Agent” Step 2. Add your location to the map • Scroll down to location and check the box that says “Has a street address” • Type in your business address • The map will drop a pin...

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How Facebook Reviews Make or Break Your Business

  Facebook Reviews are the leading way that home buyers and sellers find – and judge – a real estate agent online. Besides word-of-mouth, Facebook is the #1 method consumers use to give reviews. Real estate agents today are ramping up their Facebook Reviews strategy— and finding that it brings in more business. Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about Facebook Reviews, including:     • Why Facebook Reviews are important to real estate agents • How Facebook Reviews will benefit your business • How to prep your Facebook page for Reviews • How to add the Reviews...

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How to Get Facebook Reviews On the Spot

If you’ve already read our article on why Facebook Reviews are so important for agents – you’re probably ready to ramp up your game. Bottom line is: More reviews = more business. Agents with more Facebook reviews will rank higher in search results – which means more buyers and sellers will find them online. After you give your Facebook business page a more professional look – you can start asking your clients to give you a review. If you can get your client to give you a review on the spot – you are golden! Here’s how to get...

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