On the heels of Google, Facebook has beefed up its’ Local Search function.

Now, a home buyer or seller can type the word “real estate agent” into the Facebook search bar and:

Facebook provides a list of agents nearby.

So how do you get on the list?

It appears that agents will need a fully-optimized Facebook Business Page in order to appear on the list. Personal pages will not appear on the list.

If you test the search results by typing in your own name:

You should see yourself on the list because Facebook knows it’s you.  Keep in mind:

*This does not mean that outsiders can see you on the list.

Below you’ll find answers on how the Local Search feature works + how to create a Facebook page that’s optimized for discoverability.

For the busy real estate agent:

You might consider hiring an SEO Marketing Specialist who can help get you on Facebook’s list of agents. You can ask a specialist here.

For agents that want to learn how it works + how to get ahead:

Here we go!

How “Local Search” Works on Facebook

  • Type the word “realtor” into the search bar
  • Facebook will provide a list of realtor Places* nearby.

*Places are businesses that have a fully-optimized Facebook Business Page.

Here’s a screenshot of the search results:

(Screenshot of Facebook search results)


Users can click the “See All” button for a full list of agents.

Potential buyers and sellers will also see:

  • Star Rating (on a scale of 1-5, rated by consumers)
  • Number of people who have rated and reviewed the business
  • Hours of Operation

(Example below)

“See All” search results include star rating, number of reviews, and business hours


On a desktop device, users may also see:

  • The agent’s Call-to-Action button (like “Contact Us” or “Learn More”).
  • A blurb from customer Reviews
  • Map view

Facebook is primarily a “social” network – so here’s where it gets fun:

As you scroll down the list of realtors you’ll see which of your friends have “Liked” or “Checked In” with the realtors nearby.


Facebook search results show friends who “checked in”


If much of your business comes from referrals or word-of-mouth: 

THIS is the online version of that.

Consumers are increasingly using social media to make purchase decisions— so the integration of search+social by Facebook appears to be a system that could eventually rival Google.

For this reason, it’s now imperative to have a Facebook Business Page.  But more importantly:

Ensure that your business page is fully optimized for SEO and Facebook “Places.”

Ensure that your business page is fully optimized for SEO and Facebook “Places.” Click To Tweet


How to Show Up in Facebook “Local Search” Results

Ensure that Facebook recognizes your business page as a “Place”

  • Add your location to your business page: Facebook should automatically generate a pin on map. Make sure that the pin syncs accurately with your address.
  • Allow people to check in: Check the box next to “Show map and check-ins on page”

Be thorough to enhance SEO

  • Include relevant details in the “About” section. Submit your contact info, location and hours
  • When selecting a business category, choose more than just “Real Estate Agent” to potentially enhance visibility in search results. You can add up to three.
  • Create a Call to Action button to boost SEO and convert traffic

Get social

  • Allow clients to write Reviews on your page (more on that here)
  • Ask clients to “check in” on your page when you provide service
  • Inspire your clients to give you a 5-star rating on your page!


Looking Ahead

The Facebook search tool might soon become the most popular way for buyers and sellers to find a real estate agent. Especially for millennials!

Competitive agents are already hiring an SEO Marketing Specialist to create and optimize a Facebook Business Page that shows up in search results.

As technology continues to move forward it becomes good practice to stay at the forefront and use the experts to keep up.


Hopefully you found this article to be useful in helping you get ahead with Facebook local search results.  Feel free to offer your thoughts in the comments section below.