Facebook Reviews are the leading way that home buyers and sellers find – and judge – a real estate agent online.

Besides word-of-mouth, Facebook is the #1 method consumers use to give reviews.

Real estate agents today are ramping up their Facebook Reviews strategy— and finding that it brings in more business.

Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about Facebook Reviews, including:    

• Why Facebook Reviews are important to real estate agents

• How Facebook Reviews will benefit your business

• How to prep your Facebook page for Reviews

• How to add the Reviews Tab to your Facebook page

• How to ask (and get!) your clients to give you a Facebook Review

This is a complete set of information and expertise you’ll need to get started.

Afterwards, you’ll be ready to kick off your Facebook Reviews strategy and start seeing a boost in business.


Why are Facebook Reviews are important to real estate agents?

The short answer: To get more clients.

Facebook Reviews allow potential clients to find you online and verify you have a good reputation.

Consider this:

• 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

• 91% of consumers read online reviews

• Besides word of mouth – Facebook is the #1 way people give reviews

Clearly, Facebook Reviews are important.

If you want to be visible enough to bring in more leads online – you’ll need more people giving you positive Facebook Reviews.


How Facebook Reviews Will Benefit Your Business

New potential clients are finding your business + judging your business based on your reviews.

Here’s what happens when people see your reviews:

You build trust

Potential clients are more likely to trust an agent with a higher quantity and quality of reviews.

On quantity:

A page with a lack of reviews might cause some apprehension.  People might assume it’s due to inexperience or poor service.

On quality:

• 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more

• 60% say that negative reviews make them not want to use a business

You demonstrate the caliber of your service

People want to see top-notch service. If you have low ratings— or worse: no ratings— consumers will simply choose an agent that ranks higher.

Reviews come in two forms:

  • Written Comments
  • Star Rating

Both are important!  But overall Star Rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business.

You’re more likely to show up in search results

Type the words “real estate agent” into the Facebook search bar and you’ll get a list of rated agents nearby.

More consumers are now finding their agent this way!

Especially millennials.

Currently, the algorithm seems to favor agents with reviews and higher ratings. (See example below)

Notice that the top 3 “Real Estate Agents Nearby” all have client reviews and Star Ratings.

Viewers can click “See All” in order to see the rest of the agents, their reviews and ratings.

You’re more likely to be clicked on

Consumers are going to choose a 5-star business over a 1-star (or no-star) business when it comes to real estate.

You preempt negative reviews

Let’s face it – no one’s perfect.  But there’s always that one person who’d rather write a scathing review when something goes wrong rather than a flattering review when things go right.

If this happens— you’ll went any negative review to be offset by an abundance of positive reviews. (A single 1-star rating by a “Grumbly Greg” can really drag down your overall score).

Racking up a high score is important: 45% of people won’t select a business that has below 4 stars.[2]


How to Prep Your Facebook Page for Reviews

Imagine your Facebook page as a home For Sale

Think about showing a home that hasn’t been cleaned or staged first.  It’s a little off-putting to say the least.

Similarly— your Facebook page needs to be prepped and dressed before you invite people onto it for a review.

When people arrive at your page – they’re bound to take a look around.

Stay present and up-to-date

Your page should be fully-loaded with fresh daily content, pictures, and weekly articles.

A barren page isn’t a place where consumers will feel confident leaving a review.

Many top-selling agents delegate the content posting to a Marketing Specialist to save time.

Remember – what you put in is what you’ll get out

The content in your reviews will likely mirror the tone, detail, and thoughtfulness displayed in the content of your page.

When people arrive at your Facebook page and see helpful information, professional photography, and friendly communication – they’ll provide higher quality reviews as they’re reminded of your skills and service.


How to Add the “Reviews” Tab to Your Facebook Business Page

Here’s a set of instructions gathered from a variety of Facebook forums on how to add the “Reviews” tab:

      • Go to your Page and click Settings on the top right
      • Click Edit Page in the left column
      • Scroll to the bottom and click Add a Tab
      • Click Add Tab next to where it says “Reviews”
      • Click Close

 If you do not see the “Reviews” tab appear on your page:

Click here for our blog article that outlines a further solution.


How to Ask (and get!) Your Clients to Give Reviews

Be clear about the “ask”

No one’s going to give you a review if you don’t ask!


*7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business if they’re asked to

When you ask for the review, make sure to answer the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” for your client.

(We’ll get into the details and some suggestions below).

Clarifying those answers will ensure that your “7 out of 10 clients” will actually follow through after saying “yes.”

Before the hard ask: Set the stage and prime your client

Mention the review before the closing.  Make sure to use a positive event as an opportunity to bring it up!

For example:

A positive event might be the time you told your client about a new listing a week before it was posted – or maybe you made yourself available for a late night text or phone call.

When these moments occur – make sure to use the occasion to mention how great it would be to include that in a Facebook Review!

At the closing: Ask in-person and on the spot!

For etiquette and conversion purposes – it’s best to ask for a personal favor (a review) in a face-to-face scenario.

At the closing, your client is in a positive frame-of-mind and at their peak point of gratitude.  They are more likely to speak highly of you and recall the specific benefits of your service.

(Feel free to even mention the “positive event” referenced above).

Now ideally – you could get your client to rate you on the spot.

Clients will give you an instant Facebook Review if you use the one simple trick outlined here.

If it doesn’t work…

Text them 1 day, and then 1 week afterward.

Keep it brief.  Write one opening sentence recognizing their busy state of affairs with the new buy/sell. Follow it with a brief ask and make sure to include the link again.

Email them with a clear call-to-action

Emails can be slightly longer than texts, but still, the MO here is brevity.

  • Open with a brief sentence about them, not you:

“Hope the move-in went as smoothly as possible and you’re getting settled in.”

  • Share something personal about the experience to jog their memory:

“When you first came to me – I remember you and your family were concerned you’d have to settle for a home in a different school zone in order to find a property at the right price. I’m so glad we were able to find the perfect home in your current school zone so quickly!”

  • Share a quick sentence about why Facebook Reviews are important to your business:

“Many families such as yours might choose my services after seeing me on Facebook. Reviews from other clients is what helps them find me.”

  • End the email with the quick “ask” and the link:

“Will you write up a quick review for me? Here’s the link.”


Help them know what to write

Sometimes writing a review can seem a bit daunting if they don’t know where to start.  Help your clients get the ball rolling by providing them with some questions they might choose from:

  • How did I make the buying/selling process easier for you?
  • In what way did you benefit the most from my service?
  • What would your experience be like without my service?


Time it right

People are less likely to be responsive or take action on weekends.  Make sure to reach out to them during weekday business hours to increase the likelihood of following through.

Follow up

Sometimes people just need a reminder.  Your clients my want to give you a review – but perhaps they just haven’t found the time yet.  A few follow-ups may be helpful in reminding those who still want to do it.

Make sure your client feels comfortably obliged

Don’t make them feel un-comfortably obligated.  Persistence and assertiveness is OK if executed correctly.  Make sure to come from a place of gratitude!

Provide an incentive

Many agents provide gift cards.  Appropriate gift cards for a new homeowner would be something like Home Depot, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond.  However – there is another viewpoint where gift cards may seem unethical or perhaps a “bribe” in this case.

To counter that – you could do a gift card drawing instead.  (Clients that give you a review will be entered into a drawing for a gift card).

Or you could coincide your housewarming gift with your review ask.  That way – it still feels like a give-and-get situation.

Make it a habit

Ask every customer for a review.  Put a system in place for yourself.  Set reminders or put it on your calendar.

Make it part of your routine.

Consumers want to see recent and consistent reviews on your page.

According to a 2016 consumer study:

  • 73% of consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant
  • 32% of customers need to see at least 7-10 reviews before they trust a business
  • 68% need at least 4-6 reviews before they trust a business 1

This means you’ll want to be consistent with asking for reviews.  The more you ask – the more you’ll get.


A few extra tips…

Ask for a review even if you didn’t close the deal

Sometimes things don’t work out due to external factors.  You should still ask for a review.  Your clients can speak to all the wonderful service you provided along the way.

Respond to reviews

Make sure to click the “Like” button, and even comment back.  Thank them and reinforce their touch points.


Getting Started

Ask your friends and family

Make sure you ask people who have actually used your service. Friends and family are always more than happy to give you some kudos.  This is a great way to get the ball rolling on your Facebook Reviews page so that it doesn’t look bare.

Prep your page

Again – make sure that your page is professional and full of content.  (Maybe even before asking your friends and family).

You should have a professionally branded cover photo and engaging content posted onto your page on a daily basis.


Final Thoughts

Reviews are a reflection of you

No one has to give you a review but you might be surprised how many clients actually want to.  Most are happy to express their appreciation for the diligent time and effort you put into helping them buy or sell a home.  You’ve played a major role in your client’s life!

Of course, the first step to great reviews is great service – and that is what you strive to do every single day!

Hopefully this article was helpful in getting you started and boosting your Facebook review count.

If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to write them in the comment section below.