If you’ve already read our article on why Facebook Reviews are so important for agents – you’re probably ready to ramp up your game.

Bottom line is:

More reviews = more business.

Agents with more Facebook reviews will rank higher in search results – which means more buyers and sellers will find them online.

After you give your Facebook business page a more professional look – you can start asking your clients to give you a review.

If you can get your client to give you a review on the spot – you are golden!

Here’s how to get your clients to give a Facebook Review on the spot:

Step 1 – Ask in person, at the closing

Step 2 – Text your client a link that takes them right to your Facebook reviews.

*The link is your Facebook page URL then “/reviews”.  (This makes it really easy for your client! Otherwise, it takes quite a few steps to figure out where and how to review).

Step 3 – Ask them if they got the text and if the page opened up.

Step 4 – Show them where they will be adding the review. Point to where it says “My Review.” They will only be able to choose the Star Rating at this point.

Step 5 – Let them know that once they put the star rating, then Facebook opens up the “Comments” review section.

Step 6 – Tell your client you’ll let them go ahead and write it up once you part ways.

As you close off the transaction and part ways with your client –  your Facebook Reviews section is already right there on their phone.

It makes it incredibly easy.

Now that you’ve helped them buy or sell a home – and made it easy to give you a review – they are likely to offer you some flattery and praise on Facebook.

What are your thoughts on this strategy?  If you’ve tried it – let us know in the comments below.